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Gasp! Suprise!

Hey Flist, I'm still alive!

I've decided (for now) to move my fandomy and artwork journalling over to Vox. I'm not sure if I like their community structure, and they don't seem to have the ability to LJ cut that I can find, but I like how easy it is to embed fun stuff into the posts and ontl the journal. That said, http://psychofilly.vox.com/ I committed iconing. It's all fractals, no fandomy stuff, but they are very pretty and spring-like, so mosey over and check them out if you want to. There are a couple of drawings posted too, but nothing too fancy.

Nothing much else is going on, I've been painting, working, watching too much TV and playing bejeweled like a feind because I'm a dork. I hope everybody else is doing swell and hopefully, I'll have some more to post before another six months whizzes by.

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Belated Halloween Fic
Charisma Vintage
Belated Halloween ficathon fic-like-thingy
By Psychofilly
Angel, Cordy, Team
PG for creepiness
Based on prompt by mph0506 from Stranger Things. It was great, thanks!
Special thanks to Laurie and Mrs. Fortune. They brought out the paddles and gave me a whuppin. Any remaining mistakes are all mine.

In a House out of time.


Life, Updated. Again.
Atlantis Zelenka pulls a Scotty
Hello all. Someone nudged me a while back to get me to post another update. (::tickles jennem::)

First of all, I now have a loverly new layout thanks to premade_ljs.

Second, I posted about our electricity problems and the repair, but apparently I forgot to mention that about a week after that post our entire house was flooded by a leaky pipe that got blocked by a sewer repair company and back-flowed into our house all friggin day. It was clean water but it flooded all but our two extra bedrooms.

So. We've been dealing with that. Insurance covered the clean up and gave us some for the repairs (not nearly enough, but at least we weren't entirely out of pocket). So all those lovely plans we had to fix up the house-- about half got fast tracked. They pulled up all our carpeting and flooring and took off our baseboards to dry out the sheetrock. They got it in time to prevent molding, but we lived like refugees at David's moms house for a week.

But for all the massive headache its been. It's also kind of fun. 

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Atlantis Caldwell's crotch of command

Not my most inspired set of icons, but here ya go. Misc SGA/Hewlitt, a few other fandom icons.


Love is Not a Victory March
Teyla and Rodney

Love is Not a Victory March
By: Psychofilly
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Non-smutty team OT4, some vague Sam/Rodney and straight McShep.
Spoilers: Vague post show.
Disclaimers: Don't own the characters. If I did, maybe I'd have written a happier fic. Just playing in the sandbox.
Notes: I had four very crisp and clear flashes of character moments and tried to convey them the best that I could. It's John's POV, a little more introspective than usual.



Everybody, meet Teyla
Ash is Adorable

Srsly, how could you not love this puppy? After dog-sitting for a week, Dave and I finally realized that it was time to find Max a playmate. After Ash died, I vacillated between liking being down to one dog, and jonesing like mad for a new girl. (and missing Ash of course). So, We dog-sat Sheba and the next Friday, I drove up to Brenham where my brother got her and came home with Teyla. She's listed as a Austrailian Sheppard mix, but I'm beginning to think she may actually be a Border Collie mix. They look similar and I've already had three people stop me and ask if she was a Border Collie. She may not be a mix at all.

I realize we've now completed our SGA OT4, with my xB named Rodney, Dave's truck he dubbed Ronon and the hot rod called John. No way was David calling his Nissan beater Teyla.

I actually wanted to call her Lili, Dave wanted Sheila and it came down to Tasha (Yar) or Teyla and I decided Teyla. She is like, the quietest and most well behaved dog ever. I'm used to balls of energy, and she just finds herself a spot and curls up. I brought her to work today, and she's slept most of it and charmed the pants off everybody when she wasn't sleeping. The plan is to socialize her in a way I never did with Ash or had a chance to with Max. Maybe I've been watching too much Dog Whisperer, but this time I want a gentle well adjusted animal that doesn't bite old people and small children.

Max hates her right now, but he's already showing signs of caving. Creepiest thing, we buried Ash in the back yard. As soon as I set the puppy down, Max went and stood on her grave and glared at me. EeeeEeEeEee.

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Charisma Vintage
Courtesy of  starlet2367who wants to play.

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Moira Brown, age 5. I love this because it's my own, and I still have plans to write her story one day.

High Rise because it's probably one of the most polished fics I've written and one that really translated almost completely from what was in my head.

First and Second Date. Yeah, it's two fics, but they go together and this is when Kel and I started what has been a beautiful friendship and I found a beta reader who challenged me and made me better. Plus it's the first time Cordelia's voice really clicked for me.

Tourniquet because it started out, quite literally as a joke, and turned into my own answer to Season five, in which Cordy's back, and there is no such thing as a quick fix or easy redemption.

Transitions because it's Sam/Teal'c and plotty and told from Teal'cs POV, and I don't feel like I embarrassed myself. It felt like going from sticking a toe in the pool to kicking off my pants and jumping in.

I tag anyone who wants to play.

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DB Thumb biter

A few posts ago, I posted some crappy pics of a painting in progress. Well, I finished it (for now, maybe) and two others so I thought I'd stick them up and let you guys see them. The first one finally wins. Seems like third time's a charm. I kept painting on it till I was mostly happy with it. The second one, the middle section still bugs me, and it might get tweaked later, but for now it hangs in my funky guest befroom of the purple fur and orange bamboo and fits right in. The third and latest has the middle taken from a design I drew and completely forgot about, and then I futzed around the edges until I was happy. Other than finishing off the sides, I'm content to leave it be. It has a cool swirl pattern stamped into the top clear glaze that doesn't show up in pictures but looks neat in natural light.

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Hermiod - Brain
I don't like fic where men cry. Manful tearing up, or holding back tears, even wet eyes that men would deny to their dying day or wobbly chins I can handle. Sobbing men, or men that cry at the drop of a hat... no so much. I like hurt/comfort with my slash, but neither Rodney nor John are 14 year old girls. Those that write them like that, please stop.

This letter has been brought to you by the letter "B" as in Becky has been reading entirely too much badfic.

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Also, a couple of links to some Wallpapers. 
Ronon: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v314/psychofilly/Wallpapers/SGA307.png
John and Ronon: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v314/psychofilly/Wallpapers/SGA302-00121024.png
John: http://pics.livejournal.com/psychofilly/pic/004q0hrp/g68
John: http://pics.livejournal.com/psychofilly/pic/004f9yx0/g68